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Tire Balancing

Tires are a significant investment, and maintaining the tire balance on your vehicle is one of the best ways to receive the most from that investment. Tire balancing provides a smooth ride and assures even tire wear by properly adjusting the wheel weight distribution around the vehicle. Wheel balancing is different from wheel alignment, which relates to the angle of your wheels and their relation to the ground.

Signs tire balancing is necessary:

Our expert technicians will:

Why is tire balancing necessary?

Tire balancing is particularly important in today’s vehicles, which are being designed to be lighter weight. The heavier weight of older models actually helped smooth out the ride by suppressing vibrations before they were felt. Modern tire design is another factor that may lead to balance issues. Typically, more responsive tires with lower profiles are being used to answer the demand for style and performance. The slightest imbalance can be felt in most modern vehicles.


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